by Claw The Thin Ice

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Recorded at home. Hazily remembered.


released September 9, 2015

Ian Dominic Breen - voice / guitar / keyboards



all rights reserved


Claw The Thin Ice Manchester, UK

Four dudes making big, sad, loud rock music.

Two Albums
Three E.P's

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Track Name: In The Grip
I've formed this pattern which I cannot retract
A kneejerk action to overreact
Realising love is turning me
Into a nervous wreck who can't do anything

If you really love me the way you say you do
You'll show it to me the way I do for you
Tidal waves have nothing next to
The crushing weight of love I have for you
But it's the planet-sized self hatred you don't see
When you don't give that love back to me
Track Name: Sound Of Breath
Taking chances on a kiss
A risk that I think is worth taking
Midnight moon at 8p.m.
Sometimes things aren't what you make them

Though my heart belongs to you
Who knows if you've even noticed?
For one moment we're in tune
A second later we're discordant

So run away to the sound of your breath on the air
Track Name: Winter
You talk sensitively don't you
In your concluding chapter
And the winter comes soon

The crushing weight of all
The dreams that you had that are now gone
Your future is a wish
A wish that could become a funeral tomorrow

Lover take my hand and never leave
We'll dance our misery out in the night
Track Name: Vapour Trail
It's of no guarantee that
You'll even still talk to me but
I wait and it's in vain
That we'll be there again

And it hurts more when I'm alone

Without you around me babe
I can't eat and I can't sleep
It seems you're working on me
But I doubt that you feel the same

You're the one I need right now